REMIX with the power of the Pioneer RMX-1000 Remix Station and Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol F1

DJs can now unlock their full creative potential by remixing tracks on the fly with these powerful new tools by Pioneer and Native Instruments.


Read on and decide which one is for you or if you’ve simply got to have them both!


Pioneer RMX-1000 Remix Station


The future of DJing is here! Oops! Isn’t that a Traktor slogan actually?

Well no matter what company we’re talking about, year by year, the innovations for DJing develop by leaps and bounds and Pioneer’s RMX-1000 Remix Station opens up a whole new dimension of sounds and unlimited possibilities for DJs to showcase their skills today.

Check it out here: Pioneer New REMIX STATION RMX 1000 featuring Kissy Sellout, Daishi Dance, Laidback Luke, Chuckie, Doorly, James Zabiela, Porter Robinson, James Zabiela and Kutski.

The new RMX-1000 from Pioneer is a super-powerful new effects unit capable of creating remix effects spontaneously in the moment of each and every performance. With your touch on the RMX-1000 tracks can take on a whole new life.

Check it out: Dj TechTool’s RMX-1000 WalkThrough and Review

The Pioneer RMX-1000 is packed full of bells and whistles that are organized into four sections, Scene FX, Isolate FX, X-Pad FX and Release FX and with the included Remixbox software you can customize any and all operations.

Pioneer RMX-1000 Remix Station

  • Scene FX – Filled with buttons and one large knob controlling: Five build up effects: Reverb Up, Echo, BPF Echo, Spiral Up. Five break down effects: Reverb, Spiral Down, Crush Echo, HPF Echo, LPF Echo
  • Isolate FX – Three individual knobs for controlling low, mid, and high frequency bands. Additional FX are: Gate/Drive, Trans/Roll, and Cut/Add
  • X-Pad FX – Cool touch pad control. Add new sounds with built-in samples: Clip, Snare, Kick and Hi-hat. Additional samples can be added using included Pioneer remixbox software and sd card.
  • Release FX – Hear only the FX playing or flip the switch and go back to original audio. More FX: Echo, Back Spin and Vinyl Brake.

Pioneer-RMX-1000-dj setup

The Pioneer RMX-1000 Remix Station is a killer tool and should quickly become standard in clubs where performance DJs take center stage. For DJs, it could be just the right addition to your kit to light up your creativity and have more fun putting your own spin into your performances and showcasing your skills.

Click to see: Pioneer RMX-1000 at or


Traktor Kontrol F1


The Traktor Kontrol F1 is the new light up button pushing controller from Native Instruments for controlling the new Remix Decks introduced in Traktor Pro 2 version 2.5.

Traktor Kontrol F1: Playing live with Stewart Walker



Traktor has introduced the new Traktor 2.5 version of their powerful DJ software that keeps getting more and more powerful with each year. Where just last year Traktor introduced the sample decks, Native Instruments has taken this one step further with the new Remix Decks adding functionality that is similar to the Ableton-Serato Bridge.

The Remix Decks allow you to have all of your loops and samples stored into one deck, you can actually switch between up to 64 tracks and then be able to save all of these loops and samples into one file that you can quickly load into a deck in Traktor.

For performing and working quickly with the Remix Decks Traktor has built the perfect controller, the Traktor Kontrol F1. The Traktor F1 features 16 multi-colored pads to fire off one-shot sample and loops.

In fact, the F1 is so ready to remix that it even comes with 1.4 GB of premium grade loops and one-shot samples. So you’ll have an instant library of sounds and your immediate disposal.


Check out this 20 minute full-on explanation and tutorial from Dubspot to learn more: NI’s Kontrol F1 + Traktor Pro 2.5 Update — Tutorial + Overview w/ DJ Endo

The Traktor Kontrol F1 is for DJs that want to get more creative in the mix and and take things a step further by creating their own innovative remixes on the fly.

Click to see: Traktor F1 at or

**Traktor F1 includes a full version of Traktor Pro 2 Version 2.5 DJ Software and 1.4 GB of sounds to get you started.


Long live the REMIX!

Both the Pioneer RMX-1000 and the Traktor F1 are super-cool new tools for remixing on the fly but which one is for you?

Actually they’re quite different tools. The Traktor F1 is more for adding and manipulating a seemingly unending plethora of sounds while I see the RMX-1000 as a very tactile performance FX unit.

If you’re already a Traktor DJ, the F1 is obviously a welcome addition for you. If you’re considering getting started with Traktor this could be another great reason—there’s just so much power and potential and so many possibilities to create incredible DJ performances with Traktor.

For DJs that are used to playing on Pioneer gear, the RMX-1000 Remix Station is like a brand new toy to add to their arsenal and I think we’ll see it become a standard installation in any club of caliber.

For DJs that are playing out at a mixture of clubs, bars or parties, the Pioneer RMX-1000 could be an excellent addition to their kit to really show off their skills and make the most of performances by developing unique sounds and unique track interpretations with remixes on the fly that will make the dance floor move and groove.

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