Pioneer XDJ-AERO – DJ with Music from your Smartphone or Tablet via WiFi

The Pioneer XDJ-AERO is a new all-in-one DJ system – DJ controller for playing and mixing your music directly from your smartphone, tablet or laptop wirelessly via wifi.

But that’s not all — the Pioneer XDJ-AERO can also play music files from usb, from your laptop with DJ software like other DJ controllers, or connect turntables or CDJs and use it as a standalone mixer.

As a DJ performance tool, the XDJ-AERO is a major innovation in wireless connectivity and input versatility. It’s the first DJ system in the world to give DJs the capability to DJ with music connected wirelessly.

Pioneer XDJ-AERO Features:

  • DJ with tracks on smartphones and tablets via wifi – Industry first
  • Works with Android or Apple IOS, Windows PCs and Mac
  • All-in-one player and mixer, connection for turntables or CDJs – can also be used as standalone mixer
  • Can operate as DJ software controller with laptop or connect with laptop and recordbox via wifi – also play from USB
  • Built-in hardware effects: Jog Drum, Sample Launch, Beat Effect and Sound Color Filter
  • One-touch controls for Beat Sync and Auto Mix
  • Very cool, slim design with blue LED displays and light illuminating the players – Robust and durable
  • Record your mixes directly onto USB
  • Well-known Pioneer pro standard high quality sound – crystal clear and very powerful


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To access music from your smartphone or tablet simply install the recordbox app:

The recordbox app is available for Android from the Google Play Store / Marketplace.

Click to see: recordbox at Google Play

And from the Apple iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Click to see: recordbox at iTunes App Store


XDJ-AERO in Play

Once you have recordbox on your device, you can simply hit load to sync up with your recordbox library on your computer. Then you’ll have all the music from your computers recordbox library on your smartphone.

When you turn on the XDJ-AERO it emits a wifi signal and creates an ad hoc network. This means it’s really stable. Nothing can hack into this or connect to the wireless connection without permission. So no other smartphone can link in unless they’ve got the password assigned to the XDJ-AERO.

On the player you can select recordbox and connect the deck directly to your smartphone. The XDJ-AERO deck is literally going to scan through the music on the recordbox mobile app – completely wireless, zero latency and zero lag. The communication between devices is instantaneous via N connection and is as good as being hardwired in.

With one device you can load two tracks – one for each deck. You can control the music from a smartphone from both player decks and connect an additional three devices. You could connect one smartphone, one laptop and two iPads or any combinations of any of these devices.

What it’s giving all DJs that are going to use this — it’s freeing you up — it’s giving you more control so you can literally just take your device of choice or take your laptop as well. You can also interact with the crowd by connecting with any device that has downloaded the free recordbox app. They can import the music form their smartphone and literally send it across. There is a load lock function insuring no slip -ups and no tracks are going to be played that the DJ doesn’t want to have played.

That’s the main feature, the wireless connectivity. We’ve also got ins and outs. This can also act as a standalone mixer. So we’ve got a two-channel mixer both with phono pre amps that you can run either turntables or CDJs into and use it as a standalone mixer. It also has balanced jack outputs and another RCA output for master output 2 and a mic input as well.

From the DJM Mixer series, the four popular beat effects are loaded into each player; Trans, Flanger, Echo and Roll. The beat effects are all hardware based. Now the really cool thing about these effects is their quantized as well so this basically means the effects are reading the bpm of the track. If you turn on echo and slow down the track the echo slows down with it insuring the effects never go out of time with the bpm of the track that’s playing.

Another cool feature is sample launch that as you’d expect lets us load up a sample onto the CDJ-player platter, onto the 150 millimeter jogweel. There’s a selection of four samples that can be loaded and played: scratch, horn, siren or laser that can also be manipulation with the beat effects.

The platter on the jog wheel can even be used as a drum pad — touch sensitive jog pad. This is a fun feature giving DJs another element of creativity increasing the overall fun-factor. You can punch and scratch on the fly.

If you don’t use the recordbox platform or the recordbox mobile app this can be used just like any other DJ controller on the market. You can connect it via usb to a laptop and control any popular DJ software programs. You can also play directly from usb using the usb port and record to usb as well if you’re playing wirelessly. So you can record your set directly from the unit.


Quality, Versatility, Experience

The Pioneer XDJ-AERO makes it easy to play your tracks from the device of your choice. Burning CD’s is quickly becoming a thing of the past – what’s the point? – a cd carries digital information. Just because it’s round doesn’t mean it’s any more analog than a USB stick or a digital file on a smartphone.

With the XDJ-AERO, you can DJ with your digital music files from your smartphone or tablet on the fly. You can use USB, laptop, DJ software, or connect turntables or CDJ’s. This is the most versatile DJ player-mixer-controller to date and coming from Pioneer, the leaders in DJ gear, you can be confident that the hardware is robust and durable, the sound is top quality and the overall experience is ROCKIN!

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