Is the Pioneer DDJ-ERGO the best DJ Controller for Beginners?

There is a lot to love about the new Pioneer DDJ-ERGO DJ Controller and if I were a beginner DJ just starting out, I can easily see the ERGO being my first DJ hardware purchase.

Pioneer DDJ-ERGO

Let’s start with the overall look. It’s really cool and beautiful looking and I can easily see the Pioneer DDJ-ERGO selling like hotcakes out of Apple stores everywhere. In fact, it’s designed with a laptop dock so that it sits over the keyboard with the screen in the same view as the controller itself. That’s a real space saver and I think it just really makes sense for ease of use for the controller to integrate with the laptop so well.

The smooth space-age design with contoured edges, white lower and black slanted upper is really attractive and ergonomic at the same time. The illuminating pulse control LED lights aren’t there just to look cool but actually make it easier to learn to mix, so easy – even an amateur can be sounding good in no time.

Pioneer DDJ-ERGO

Virtual DJ – Serato

Virtual DJ Limited Edition is the DJ software included with the ERGO. Virtual DJ is one of the easiest DJ Software programs to learn and very popular with beginners. You can also go with Serato DJ Intro that can be downloaded for free to work with the DDJ-ERGO perfectly. Serato is well known and loved by professional DJ’s for its ease of use and stability.

Click here to check out Serato DJ Intro

The DDJ-ERGO is a fully compatible MIDI Controller and will also work well with Traktor DJ Software if you already have it – as it’s not included.

Pioneer DDJ-ERGO Walkthrough

Featured in Video:

Pioneer DDJ-ERGO DJ Controller

Pioneer S-DJ05 2.0 Speaker System

Pioneer HDJ-500W DJ Headphones

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch Laptop

Pulse Control

The Pulse Control adds a visual dimension to your mixing and performance that not only looks cool but also helps you to get your mixing just right.

  • Mix Pulse – The pulse of the blue LED on the jogwheel helps you to get the pitches (speed) matched when mixing. The closer the pitches are to matching the stronger the light pulse.
  • Beat Pulse – The LED lights in the channel faders with glow stronger with the increase of output levels.
  • Launch Pulse – When a track is loaded properly, the pulse will travel from the load button to the jogweel.
  • FX Pulse – When FX are in play light movements on the jog wheel will illuminate.

Layout – Feel & Play

I really love the layout of the Pioneer DDJ-ERGO DJ Controller – maybe because it’s Pioneer so there are no surprises. Pioneer is the most respected maker of club standard DJ equipment so if you start with Pioneer, transitioning to club equipment will feel pretty natural.

The jog wheels are large 115mm platters similar to Pioneer Pro DJ equipment and the layout is similar to the premium pro level DDJ-T1 and DDJ-S1 DJ controllers. Everything is well-spaced, metallic play and cue buttons on the left with the pitch control, vinyl mode, keylock and sync buttons on the right.

Above the jog wheels you have all the effects, cue and sample controls you could want. In the center there are all the mixing controls, faders, filters, hi, mid, low, gain and even the ability to flip between four decks. There is a dial and load buttons to navigate and access your music library without touching your laptop.

Pioneer DDJ-ERGO

Poineer DDJ-ERGO


  • Take anywhere USB plug and play capability
  • Stylish, attractive design with all the right curves in all the right places
  • Virtual DJ Software included – Serato DJ Intro available for free download
  • Pulse Control looks great, makes mixing more fun, and helps you master your mixing
  • High Quality Audio output utilizing the same technology used in Pioneer Professional DJ gear.
  • Laptop dock integration
  • Built-In audio interface
  • Line in and Mic inputs

Pioneer DDJ-ERGO

Learn to DJ with the Pioneer DDJ-ERGO

The Pioneer DDJ-ERGO is definitely a very cool DJ Controller. I’m absolutely thrilled with it and wish the DDJ-ERGO would have been around when I started DJing. In fact, I’m in the process of selling my Pioneer Mixer and CDJ’s and would be perfectly happy using the DDJ-ERGO as a replacement. Especially since you can pick up a DDJ-ERGO for less than the price of one Pioneer CDJ-350. It has all the features of professional Pioneer gear but in a compact and affordable package.

I really like the idea of the pulse control as a visual aid and love the cool and stylish look and feel of the ERGO. The USB plug and play makes it easy to move around and take anywhere on the go. So go ahead, pick up an ERGO and play out more!

Check the Pioneer DDJ-ERGO out at:

Click here for

or click here for


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  • Comments (8)
    • Daniel
    • October 18th, 2012

    i bought the ddj ergo about 3 months ago with no prior experience with anything like it, i found it extreemely easy to learn on epecially with the lighting effiects that respond to the changes you make while you mix. the best part for me is the portability, you simply plug in the usb and away you go, its light weight and i work in fly in fly out so its ideal for me to take away. overall i am extreemely pleased with the product. cheers

  1. Thanks for the feedback! Glad you’re enjoying it — super DJ controller and very smart choice!

      • Astrobeez
      • March 17th, 2013

      Would you recommend the DDJ-Ergo over the DDJ-WEGO as a first time /beginner DJ controller? It seems like the only functional difference is the size and that their is no line input on the Wego. I know the Wego was released quite a bit after the Ergo too.

      • Hi Astrobeez,

        Yes, you’re correct — the Wego is brand new and filling the lower price entry level DJ controller niche. The Wego is more affordable and smaller offering excellent portability. It does all the basics that an entry level DJ controller should do and it’s from Pioneer.

        The ERGO is a bit bigger, the layout offers excellent, more spacious ERGOnomics and the quality is definitely closer to pro while being easy to learn and ready to play for beginner. On the pro-level, I have a friend that’s been DJing for years with vinyl and Serato that bought an ERGO, uses it for his private party gigs and loves it.

        I think it basically comes down to money. If you’ve got the extra bucks to spend, go for the ERGO but if you want even more compact, like laptop sized and very reasonable pricing, the Pioneer DDJ-WeGO packs a lot of bang for the buck.

    • Arvind Alexander
    • March 1st, 2015

    Hey I was wondering about your opinion regarding this controller when compared to something like the Novation Twitch? Can you please help me out here?

    • The fundamental difference between the Pioneer DDJ-Ergo and Novation Twitch is jog wheels vs. touch strips for syncing and manipulating tracks.

      The argument for touch strips is very much alive as seen in the new Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S8 and for the latest from Pioneer, check out the Pioneer DDJ-SR at a similar price range as the DDJ-Ergo. >>> Best New DJ Controllers

    • chris
    • June 14th, 2015

    i need your advice, i am just about enrol in a DJ school but, i want to get my equipment for easy learning. i prefer the pioneer product. Please advice on what CDJ should i go for? I can afford to buy either the CDJ350 or CDJ850 but, i want to be sure what is best for me as a beginner. thank you

    • Hi Chris,

      With the Pioneer CDJ-850 you get full-sized CDJ with a large display and much better jog wheel control for only a little more money. It’s professional gear that you can use for gigs later and possibly charge a premium fee for the gear rental.

      The larger size will make the CDJ-850 easier to learn on as the CDJ-350 is a little more cumbersome.