Best DJ Controllers

DJ Controllers are quickly becoming a very popular choice for Beginner DJ’s and Professional DJ’s alike.

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2

With the recent introduction of high quality DJ Controllers from Native Instruments and Pioneer, the quality and features you’ll find in the newest and best DJ Controllers are top-notch. A DJ Controller is an excellent way to get started DJing because it gives you all of the same control you would have with a CD Player or Turntable and Mixer set-up, and more in some cases, but with one piece of equipment that you can use directly with a DJ Software program and access your entire music collection directly from your computer.

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Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus High Performance DJ Mixer

Pioneer’s new DJM-900 Nexus has hit the DJ scene with exciting new features raising the bar of club standard DJ mixers by giving DJ’s greater creative freedom and increased connectivity to enhance every performance.


The Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus high performance DJ mixer improvements include increased sound quality, an abundance of new effects, the new ‘X-Pad’ touch screen control bar, as well as increased computer connectivity and Traktor functionality. Paired with Pioneer’s newest line of CDJ’s including the CDJ-900 and CDJ-2000, DJ’s now have the most up-to-date technology at their fingertips to entertain at their utmost potential.

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Produce Your Own Music With Ableton Live and Logic Studio

Producing your own music has become the key for any DJ who wants to further their creativity behind the decks and further their career.

Making your own beats has never been as accessible as it is today. Create quality tracks with Ableton Live or Logic Studio and a keyboard right on your MacBook, iMac or PC!

Novation SL MkII USB Midi Controller Keyboard

The Novation SL MkII gives you complete control over your music making software that is both intuitive and intelligent.

The Novation SL MkII puts the power and fun of making your own music with Ableton right into your fingertips.

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What is Pioneer Recordbox and how does it work with Pioneer’s new line of CDJ’s?

If you’ve been shopping the internet for a new pair of Pioneer CDJ’s then you may be wondering, ‘What is RecordBox?”

Compatible with Pioneer’s newest line of CDJ’s, including the CDJ-2000, CDJ-900, CDJ-850, and CDJ-350, RecordBox is a music management application for organizing, analyzing and preparing your music in order get the very best out of every DJ set. RecordBox makes it easy for DJ’s to play MP3s and many other types of music files in a way that fits their individual style. Pioneer DJ players compatible with RecordBox can be used to create a totally new DJ style that uses music in electronic formats.

RecordBox Interface

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Best DJ Mixing Software

“What is the Best DJ Mixing Software?”

Dimitri from Paris DJing with Traktor
This is a big question and an important question because you want to find the DJ Mixing Software that suits you best. Whether you want the easiest to learn, the most intuitive, or the most complex, you want a software that you can master and unleash your sounds and creativity. There are actually far too many programs out there to weed through but there are only three that are taken seriously by the pros. The Best DJ Software programs are Traktor, Serato and Ableton.

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How To Become A DJ, #1 You Need Music!

If you want to become a DJ, most importantly, you must have a passion for the music.

Whether it’s House, Hip Hop, RnB, Techno, Trance, Pop, Bollywood, Downtempo, Lounge, Underground or Commercial, it’s the passion and enthusiasm for music that will carry you through the learning process and ultimately get you gigs.


Before I ever even thought about DJing, I was into music!

It was my food, it was my sustenance, it was what I lived and breathed. And when the music was playing, whether it was a security guard checking my car or a neighbor walking by my door or my friends at my place for a party, everybody always asked about it and said they loved what they heard. As I made more and more parties at my place more people were coming until even the police were showing up and I received my first “Loud Party Warning.” Hahaha, that was a funny night and we were actually quite proud of the citation!

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New Traktor Pro 2 Is Here!

At first glance, all I can say is WOW! I’m extremely impressed with the new Traktor Pro 2 DJ mixing software and love the new look and feel.

The new “TruWave” technology, “SoftSync”, and revised high-visibility GUI are just a few of new features that make T2 leaps into the future of DJing.

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Last Night a DJ Saved My Life – Everything You Need To Know About DJing and Success

Here are two must read books for both aspiring and experienced DJs alike! I picked up Last Night a DJ Saved My Life years ago from my local music shop that I was frequenting on nearly a daily basis and, yes, it changed my life. The history of DJing and the beginning of musical genres is explained in great detail. Do you know who Frankie Knuckles is and why House music is called House? These are the kind of facts and knowledge you’ll gain from reading the book.

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Beginner DJ Mixing

I’ve written about having a passion for music, where to get DJ music, best DJ software, best DJ headphones and your first CDJ-mixer DJ set-up, so now I’ll get on with how to mix.

Beginner DJ Mixing – Creating Your First Mix

Whether you are using DJ software or mixing between CDJ’s or turntables the basic beginning DJ mixing principles are the same. You are mixing one track into another to create a continuous flow of beats and sounds. You want to mix them seamlessly so that it’s not apparent where one track ends and the other begins.


Beginner DJ Mixing

The idea is that you are putting together a number of smaller tracks to create one long track. Talking about tracks and beats, I like to think of the beats as the ties of a railroad track. The track is laid so that the train can travel upon it as the beats are laid so that all of the other sounds can travel upon the beats. When the train is moving there is a momentum. Imagine a dance floor with people full of energy dancing. If the music were to stop, so will the dancers and so will the energy. So think of the music not only as sounds but as a continuous flow of energy like a moving train.

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DJ Equipment, Beginner CDJ-Mixer DJ Set-Up

A basic CDJ-Mixer DJ Set-Up consists of two tabletop CD players, a DJ mixer, headphones and powered speakers or an amplifier and speakers.

Pioneer CDJ-350 and DJM-350 DJ Set

Pioneer DJM-350 DJ Mixer with two Pioneer CDJ-350 CD Players

When you mix between tracks you go from one CD player (CDJ) to the other, using the DJ mixer to blend the two tracks together. DJing on CD is the standard for DJing in clubs these days, some DJ’s are working hard to keep vinyl alive while others are using DJ software programs like Serato Scratch and Traktor Scratch that can be controlled by the CDJ’s for syncing and mixing.

Another increasingly popular option for all levels of DJ’s, from Beginner to Pro, is using a DJ Controller with your computer and DJ software.

Click to see: Pioneer DDJ-ERGO DJ Controller at My DJ Blog or here to see the ERGO at

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