Novation Twitch

Novation Twitch is an ultra-cool new DJ controller designed to give DJs and Music Producers quick one-touch access to their sounds utilizing Serato Itch DJ Software.

Novation TwitchTwitch puts a whole new twist on DJing by exchanging the jog wheels of a typical DJ set-up with a pair of powerful ‘touchstrips’ and sixteen ‘trigger pads’ for launching sounds. The unique ‘slicer mode’ gives DJs the opportunity to put a whole new creative spin on their performance by using Itch’s powerful ‘beatgrids’ system.

Novation Twitch Routine

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I have a feeling that Twitch will be in high demand and possibly sell-out, especially at such a reasonable price point for a professional quality DJ controller.

Initially skeptical of a DJ Controller without jog wheels, I’m now quite sold on the idea given Twitch’s compact efficiency and creative capabilities. I’m personally in the market for a new DJ Controller and think this could be the one.

I typically play and perform on Pioneer CDJs and a Mixer but I want a controller I can travel with and use whenever I‘m feeling it. Novation Twitch is about the size of a 15-inch laptop and has the look, feel and function of a solid professional’s tool. It’s been developed with Serato and comes with Serato Itch, the included DJ software known for it’s stability, but can just as easily be used with Traktor or Ableton Live.

It’s a perfect solution to carry along everywhere I go, use to mix anywhere I want and use as an additional DJ tool to enhance performances with the ‘slicer mode’ when I play gigs on CDJ. I’d just plug it into the third or fourth channel of the mixer along with two CDJs and mix between the three.

Novation Twitch Overview Video by Novation:

Twitch has been developed with Digital DJing in mind and has challenged the notion that music goes round. Sure, vinyl records go round but does digital music? Twitch shows us the truth – digital music is non-linear and can be played from any point at any moment.


twitch touchstripI’ll begin here because this was for obvious reasons one of the first question I had in my mind. Touchstrips for Jog wheels, does it work? Can I manually mix with touchstrips rather than using the sync button that I personally prefer to avoid?

Well, quite simply the answer is YES. The touchstrips are an excellent innovation and cover all the functionality of jogwheels and then some. Navigating a track and selecting cue points can be done quickly and intuitively and because the touchstrip, faders and pads are all within a finger’s reach, exploiting all of Twitch’s capabilities becomes compelling and intuitive all at once.

Performance Mode and Trigger Pads

twitch trigger padsUsing Twitch’s ‘slicer mode’ combined with Serato Itch’s powerful ‘beatgrids’ system, you can quickly slice up tracks into eight parts and remix and rearrange them on the fly using the ‘trigger pads’ while remaining in perfect time. You can also manually set eight ‘hot cue’ points to be fired off at any time, as well as powerful looping capabilities. This can bring a whole new element to any DJ’s performances offering immense creative choices.

Mixer with Fader FX

With the addition of the trigger pads and the substitution of the touchstrips in place of jog wheels, Twitch has all of the features you would find in a professional DJ mixer and controls over twelve powerful effects in Itch, phaser, flanger, delay, echo, reverb, LPF, HPF, repeater, crusher, reverser, tremelo, and braker.

Novation Twitch

For mixing, Novation Twitch has channel faders, trim, cross-fader and tone controls that can also be assigned to work as effects controllers. Beatmatching can be done using Itch to sync tracks together in perfect time simply by pressing the ‘sync’ button or can be done manually utilizing Twitch’s unique touchstrips and trim dial.

Serato Itch

Serato Itch DJ software is included with Twitch. Twitch has been developed with Serato to ensure maximum compatibility with Itch. However, Twitch will also work well with Traktor and even comes with a Traktor overlay in the box. To see Traktor and Twitch together in action, you can check out this video, Novation TWITCH with Traktor – 2 and 4 deck control.

Twitch Serato ITCH

Twitch is also a great tool for performing with Ableton Live. Click here to check out the video: How to use Ableton Live with the Novation Twitch and click here to download the: Ableton Live TWITCH Translator.

Construction – Durability – Portability

While many DJ Controllers come across as toy like, this is NOT the case with Twitch. Twitch is a serious DJ tool in a compact package. Rough and ready to go anywhere, Twitch is compact enough to fit in a laptop bag while feeling solid and sturdy at the same time. I think this is one of the big advantages of Twitch and think a lot of DJs may buy it for a portable Controller they can pull out of their laptop bag and use anywhere and everywhere.

The top panel is made of aluminum with color backlit rubber button pads. The knobs and faders are solid and move well ensuring that Twitch plays like a musical instrument should. Although compact, the ergonomics are excellent.


  • Compact, lightweight yet sturdy design
  • Innovative functionality
  • Performance mode – Slicer Mode – Trigger Pads – Touchstrips
  • Lights up, looks cool, fun to use
  • Can be used as a stand-alone DJ Controller or as an additional DJ tool/instrument
  • Touchstrips cut down on space while offering additional functionality
  • Designed with Serato for Itch (Serato Itch DJ Software included), compatible with Traktor (overlay included) and Ableton
  • Powerful enough for pros – easy enough to learn for beginners
  • Affordable price point ($499/£399 at time of writing)


  • Not for those who want a DJ controller with vinyl-like experience – No Jog wheels
  • Lights can be difficult to make out in daylight


Check out this video of Lopazz with Novation Twitch:


Professional’s Tool

There’s no doubt that Twitch is a tool designed to do a job. Combined with Serato’s solid and powerful Itch DJ software and unique ‘beatgrid’ and ‘slicer mode’ functionality, the job of entertaining has just become a whole lot more fun and creative. I’m totally digging Twitch and congratulate Novation for reinventing the wheel so to speak. With the new ‘touchstrips’ and ‘trigger pads’, we now have a professional quality DJ controller with huge creative potential in a compact and portable solution.

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