New DJ Controllers from Numark – Mixtrack Pro II, NS7 II, iDJ Live II and Orbit

Numark, maker of easy to use and affordable DJ gear, has opened up a whole new bag of tricks.

Numark Mixtrack Pro II


The world’s most popular DJ controller just got better. Numark has just introduced the new Mixtrack Pro II DJ controller, rebuilt, reshaped and revamped for todays DJs. It’s the latest and greatest version of the ever popular Mixtrack Pro, designed for beginner DJ’s who don’t want to break the bank. The new Numark Mixtrack Pro II excels with a new sleeker design and better build quality with pro features including sixteen backlit rubber performance “drum” pads and new illuminated capacitive touch large jog wheel platters. You also get hot cue, looping and effects controls as well as a built-in professional sound quality audio interface.

Another big improvement is that the new Mixtrack Pro 2 has been designed to work with Serato DJ Intro DJ software. So you can expect tighter integration with one of the world’s best software programs. There is also the opportunity to upgrade the software from Intro to the Pro version of Serato DJ. Also, the controller is sure to work well with Virtual DJ and Traktor if you prefer, or any other popular DJ software for that matter.

numark mixtrack pro II

Overall, the new Numark Mixtrack Pro 2 looks great and the addition of rubber performance pads brings it to date with innovative highly acclaimed DJ controllers like the Traktor Kontrol S4 and Pioneer DDJ-SX. In appearance it reminds me of the Vestax VCI-380 Serato DJ controller but the Numark Mixtrack Pro II is attainable at a much more affordable price.

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Of course we are all excited about innovation but for those of you looking for a bargain and a super-cheap jumpstart into DJing, the original Numark Mixtrack Pro is currently selling at a heavily discounted price.

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Numark NS7 II DJ Controller


The new Numark NS7 II Motorized DJ Controller has been called “an interactive playground” with capacitive touch-activated filter, gain, EQ, and effects knobs and all new Akai velocity-sensitive MPC performance pads with RGB multi-color illumination. The NS7 II has been designed for and includes the Pro version of Serato with the performance pads controlling the Cues, Loop, Roll, Sampler, and Slicer features in Serato DJ.

The Numark NS7 2 is a motorized DJ controller with high and low-torque platter control and the four-channel mixer can operate as a standalone mixer without being connected to a computer with full inputs for CDJ’s or vinyl turntables.


iDJ Live II – DJ Controller for IOS, Mac and PC


The new Numark IDJ Live II features an all-new low-profile design with an improved layout and appearance. The iDJ Live II is an iPad DJ controller for Algoriddim’s djay software. It also works with iPhone, iPod, and with the new USB connection, it works with Mac and PC laptops.


Orbit – Wireless Handheld MIDI DJ Controller


The Orbit Wireless DJ Controller is built for performance DJs or for DJs that want to control the music from the dance floor. It fits easily in your hands and can be played like a game controller, or clipped to a belt or placed on a table.

Super-innovative, Orbit can take you into space with the touch of a button and is packed full of features including: 4 selectable banks of 16 backlit pads, 8 on each side, for adding and blending effects, launching hot cues and samples, and more plus 4 bank selection buttons, 4 virtual knobs, and a large aluminum-faced touch- sensitive control wheel, which controls the selected virtual knob for instantly tweaking effects and filters.

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