Make Your Own Beats with DUBTurbo!

Do you want to start making your own beats right away? Do you want a music making software tool that is easy and affordable? Do the big music production software packages seem too expensive and overly complicated?

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Well you’re not alone and luckily now there is an alternative option for those who just want to get started making their own beats right away and at a fraction of the cost of working on the big Digital Audio Workstations like Ableton Live and Logic Studio.

DUBTurbo is an easy to use personal beat making software that you can use on your own personal computer or online. You can use DUBTurbo to create your own beats and tracks in any genre of electronic music like House, Hip Hop, Trance, Techno, Dubstep and on and on….

With DUBTurbo you can create studio/broadcast high quality sound that is 44.1 Stereo .WAV with its’ 16-Track Sequencer Composing/Mixing Interface, full power Drum Machine, abundance of Keyboard and Sound Kits, and over 2400 Studio Made Sample Sounds … plus… plus… plus!

Essentially, with DUBTurbo you can EASILY make your own beats and tracks and at a fraction of the cost!!! For a limited time you can get DUBTurbo for an additional 25% off through this link:

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Another cool thing about DUBTurbo, is that they’ve included all of the training you need to master beat making. Check out the first tutorial training video here:

So now you’ve got the tools and the training to make your own beats!

Pretty cool huh? Well, what I like is that DUBTurbo is an inexpensive, fun and easy way to get into beat making and music production. I’ve played around with Ableton and Logic Studio, these are what many of the pros use, and can tell you from my own experience that there is definitely a steep learning curve.

DUBTurbo has been made to help beginners make their own beats and music right out of the gate. The sound library is massive, so there is no shortage of tools and sounds to use. All that is needed is your inspiration to plug in and start playing with the sounds and building your own beats and tracks.

At around thirty bucks, it’s about the same price or less, depending on how you roll, as a night out at the club where someday it could be your beats that everybody is jumping too.

Click here to claim your discount: DUBTurbo 2.0 for 25% off!


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