Last Night a DJ Saved My Life – Everything You Need To Know About DJing and Success

Here are two must read books for both aspiring and experienced DJs alike! I picked up Last Night a DJ Saved My Life years ago from my local music shop that I was frequenting on nearly a daily basis and, yes, it changed my life. The history of DJing and the beginning of musical genres is explained in great detail. Do you know who Frankie Knuckles is and why House music is called House? These are the kind of facts and knowledge you’ll gain from reading the book.

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life: The History of the Disc Jockey
Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton

DJ’s have been at the core of music from the first record being played over the airwaves in 1906 to the present where New York City alone has a club music economy of over $3 billion a year. Today, DJ’s can be highly paid entertainers, musicians, music producers, party organizers, and influential businessmen. Today’s superstar DJ’s jet set around the globe earning top dollar with thousands of fans, earning thousands of dollars per gig, and are becoming more and more the central figures of the music scene along with live musicians. Last Night a DJ Saved My Life is the first book providing us with a complete history of the DJ as the mysterious man being the turntables setting the crowd into the party groove with his collection of sounds. From Chicago house, Detroit techno, Disco tearing up the floors of New York City, hip-hop in the Bronx to the sound systems of Jamaica and raves of London, DJ’s have taken music into a new trip and completely altered the scene forever. Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton deliver the story of dance music as told by world famous DJ’s, musicians, record company executives, music critics, and party people recalling some of the century’s biggest and most remembered party scenes.

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Everything You Need To Know About DJ’ing & Success – Ebook & Online ResourcesHardcover & DVD’s
Danny Rampling

Everything You Need to Know About DJing and Success is unique in that it’s the only DJ guide ever to be written by a bonafide Super Star DJ. Danny Rampling’s not only been DJing at the top and travelled all over the world playing to crowds of thousands but has also displayed strength of longevity with his career spanning from even before his days of pioneering the UK club music scene along with Paul Oakenfold to presently jet-setting all over the world and getting paid thousands of dollars to DJ a gig.

In Everything You Need to Know About DJing and Success, Danny Rampling teaches you everything you need to know from essential DJ skills to the latest in digital DJing and music production. Being an asset for both beginner and professional DJ’s alike, Danny Rampling shares his 20 years of experience as a top international DJ, producer, radio broadcaster and in general, a top name in the entire club and music industry. Filled with stories, diagrams, and examples, Danny explains everything from getting started with DJ gear to basic and advanced DJing techniques. He thoroughly explains everything, including beatmatching, effects, EQing, ans even scratching. On the business side, he teaches you how to set-up and promoted DJ gigs, producing music and cutting record deals, and all of the financial and commercial information you need to take you talent to the top of success, dreams to reality!

Check out this video of Danny Rampling teaching DJ’s how to succeed in the music industry in this Masterclass given at Point Blank Studios in London.

From learning mixing techniques to DJing for crowds in the thousands, Danny Rampling’s the guy. In his book and online resources, he lays out literally everything you need to know about DJing!

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