Is the Pioneer DDJ-SX the best Serato DJ Controller?

In collaboration between Pioneer, leaders in pro DJ gear, and Serato, makers of DJ software, a new super-tool for DJing has been engineered.

Pioneer-DDJ-SX Serato DJ Controller

The Pioneer DDJ-SX is the first four-channel Performance DJ Controller / Mixer built specifically for the new Serato DJ software.

What Pioneer has done with the new Pioneer DDJ-SX is taken and combined all the best features of prior DJ controllers like the Pioneer DDJ-S1, Traktor Kontrol S4, Novation Twitch and Vestax VCI-380 with all the best features and build quality of Pioneer Pro DJ gear, rolled it all up into one and created the ultimate Serato DJ Controller. You get features like velocity touch performance pads, needle search and even the totally new large capacitive touch sensitive jog wheels.

Not only is the Pioneer DDJ-SX a software DJ controller for the new Serato DJ software but it’s also a DJ mixer with inputs for CD players and vinyl turntables. So if you want it all, you can run four-channels, two with Serato DJ, one with a CDJ and another with a vinyl turntable or play four decks in Serato DJ or two CDJs and two vinyl turntables or any combination that’s suits you and your style of DJing.

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Pioneer DDJ-SX Performance Controller Official Walkthrough


  • Software included: Serato DJ – first Serato DJ controller featuring tight and intuitive software-hardware integration and control
  • Four-channel DJ controller / mixer – can be used as standalone four-channel mixer
  • Pioneer CDJ type large jog wheels featuring capacitive touch control and animated display in center for load and visual marker for track position
  • Eight soft-touch rubber velocity sensitive performance pads per deck for launching sample, loops and hot cues
  • Multiple connection options – dual CD and phono/line inputs for external devices as well as two microphone inputs, two master outputs (XLR and RCA) and a booth out terminal
  • Pioneer Pro CDJ and DJM mixer features like needle search, adjustable cross fader curve, led level meters on all channels and master, filter knob
  • Newly developed FX, powered by iZotope
  • Dual deck mode – link two software deck layers and manipulate them as one
  • Slip mode keeps everything in time
  • Slicer cuts up track into eight pieces to be triggered and remixed on the fly with the performance pads
  • Pro level build quality – brushed aluminum finish – full-sized spacious ergonomics
  • Pioneer Pro audio – built-in audio interface

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NEW Serato DJ Software

Serato DJ, the newest DJ software from Serato offers the best feature set for all-in-one DJ controllers and sets a new standard for controller DJs. With many new features including amazing new effects powered by iZotope, midi mapping and a brand new user interface, Serato DJ delivers the most powerful all-in-one DJ solution that, combined with the pinnacle of Pioneer hardware, makes it tough to beat.

Getting started with the Pioneer DDJ-SX and Serato DJ is as easy as plug and play. Serato and Pioneer have worked together closely to ensure tight integration providing the quickest, most intuitive, and best overall experience. Keeping four decks in time is a breeze with Smart Sync and so is recording your sets to share with your friends and to show off your skills.

Serato DJ has been completely redesigned with an updated user-interface making it easy to use and more attractive than ever. First off, the virtual deck area has been cleaned up. They’ve added the BPM, time elapsed, time remaining, pitch percentage, and pitch range information directly on the deck.

Serato DJ Two Deck View


The BPM value is also bigger so it’s easy to see quickly. The cue point and loop area is another area of improvement. You can now choose to display eight cue points, eight loops or four loops and four cues. All looping controls can be found underneath with easy access to manual loop and auto loop controls.

Beatgrid editing is now much easier using the software beatgrid editing controls and the SP-6 sample interface has had a considerable upgrade with two different view modes. Choose between simple mode with a larger play button, gain control, play mode, loop and sync controls or an advanced view with the full SP-6 control set for advanced use.

Serato DJ Two Deck Library View

Serato-DJ-Two Deck-Library-View

There have also been some ergonomic improvements as to where some buttons live on screen. Add crate buttons have been moved closer to the center of the screen along with the library view modes. The SP-6 DJ effects and recording panel buttons have been moved to the top and the setup screen has been cleaned up to make it easier to navigate and understand.

Serato DJ users will have access to brand new effects powered by iZotope, renowned for their professional quality in sound. There are two effects units that can be routed through your available channels or the master.

There are ten high quality effects to choose from including delay, echo, reverb, phaser, flanger, low pass filter, high pass filter, combo high pass and low pass filter, distortion and ping pong delay.

A number of different parameters can be adjusted for each effect to customize and shape how they sound.

Serato DJ Four Deck View


To take full advantage of all the features Serato DJ offers, software controls can be MIDI mapped to a secondary controller. Just click on the MIDI button next to SETUP, click on a software control to select it and then twist the knob, hit the button, or move the fader on your controller to map the control. To exit MIDI mapping mode, click the MIDI button again.

Serato DJ has support for the powerful Serato Video plugin. This allows you to mix and manipulate videos within Serato DJ for playing video sets and adding interesting visuals to your show. *The first 10,000 DDJ-SX DJ controllers will ship with a free license for Serato Video plugin in the box.


Pioneer DDJ-SX Layout

Innovative High Performance Decks

The new decks on the Pioneer DDJ-SX are nothing short of revolutionary. Rather than being laid out in a mirror image like many other DJ controllers, the DDJ-SX decks are identical – meaning that the pitch faders are on the right, play buttons on the left just like Pioneer Pro DJ gear and resembling the new Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus including the needle search function to navigate to any place within the current track with just a touch.



Jog Wheels – DDJ-SX ‘Big Jogs’

The jog wheels are large, capacitive touch sensitive (like the touch on an ipad screen) and have an illuminated jog display in the center so you know just where you are in the “record.” The jogs on the DDJ-SX feature the shortest control latency – the time between touch and signal to software — of any DJ controller making the DDJ-SX a top choice for scratch DJs or any DJ that wants simultaneous accuracy jog control.

More stand-out features of the DDJ-SX decks are the special loop section and the three additional modes of control, including dual deck, slip mode and FX mode.


Performance Pads

There are eight performance pads on each deck that illuminate with blue light. The performance pads are velocity – pressure – sensitive pads and can be used to create dynamic musical performances with tapping and drum roll effects.

The large, rubber performance pads are designed to work with four Serato DJ functions: HOT CUE, ROLL, SLICER, and SAMPLER


Four-Channel Mixer


The Pioneer DDJ-SX mixer quality matches that of Pioneer’s standalone DJM mixers. The four channels can be four decks in Serato DJ or the mixer can also be used as a stand-alone mixer for CDJs or vinyl turntables or anything else that you want to plug into the RCA inputs on the back of the controller.

Alongside the gain, hi, mid and low EQ knobs are VU meters for each channel as well as a master left–right, stereo VU meter in the center. Each channel has a filter knob, cue button and a line fader and there is a sample volume fader in the center.

Hardware FX Controls

Above the Needle Search on the deck controls are the dedicated hardware FX controls for the iZotope FX including delay, echo, reverb, phaser, flanger, low pass filter, high pass filter, combo high pass and low pass filter, distortion and ping pong delay.


Front Controls


On the front of the Pioneer DDJ-SX are 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch headphones jacks with a volume level control knob. There is an input selector switch for each channel to select between PC, Line, Phono, CD and Mic. Then you have a crossfade curve dial and unique touch sensor level control for adjusting the sensitivity of each jog wheel.


Back – Connections

Choose from master out XLRs or RCAs with TRS booth outs and inputs for four channels including phone/line, CD, and Mic. There is a Kensington lock, USB socket, Standby/On button and DC in with a plastic cable hook.



This is not going to fit into your backpack.



The Pioneer DDJ-SX is the Pioneer meets Serato DJ Super-Tool.


Is the Pioneer DDJ-SX the best DJ controller for Serato? Well, at the time of writing, it’s the first and only DJ controller that’s been specifically designed for the new Serato DJ. And, yes, the Pioneer DDJ-SX combines the best integration of hardware, software and features with the highest Pioneer Pro build quality seen to date in a four-channel DJ Controller / Mixer.

Super high quality, super innovation, all the best of all previous controllers rolled into one with all the best Pioneer Pro build quality and then some. That’s what you get with the Pioneer DDJ-SX.

So, if you’re looking for the most professional, full-featured DJ controller available for performance, mobile and scratch DJing then this one’s for you!

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