How To Become A DJ, #1 You Need Music!

If you want to become a DJ, most importantly, you must have a passion for the music.

Whether it’s House, Hip Hop, RnB, Techno, Trance, Pop, Bollywood, Downtempo, Lounge, Underground or Commercial, it’s the passion and enthusiasm for music that will carry you through the learning process and ultimately get you gigs.


Before I ever even thought about DJing, I was into music!

It was my food, it was my sustenance, it was what I lived and breathed. And when the music was playing, whether it was a security guard checking my car or a neighbor walking by my door or my friends at my place for a party, everybody always asked about it and said they loved what they heard. As I made more and more parties at my place more people were coming until even the police were showing up and I received my first “Loud Party Warning.” Hahaha, that was a funny night and we were actually quite proud of the citation!


What will define you most as a DJ is the music that you play and your desire to share it.

You need to play what you love but when you start getting into club DJing you also need to develop the ability to play to the crowd. This is where people start talking about DJ weapons. A DJ needs to be armed with music that entertains the crowd, after all, that is the DJ’s job, to entertain. So develop a diverse collection of music that you feel will be suitable to the time, place and audience you’ll be playing to. When you’re playing, pay close attention to the crowd.


Read the crowd!

Over time, a good DJ becomes expert at this. If people are enjoying what you’re playing, they will acknowledge you and your music. Of course, the most overt way of expressing that they’re enjoying is that they’ll come up and tell you something like, ‘great music’, or ‘I love the music you’re playing.’ If it’s a dance club, and you’re playing high energy music, it’s more likely that people will dance and once you get them dancing the key is to keep them dancing. However, there are even more subtle things to look for, of course if they smile at you, that’s a good sign, any body or head movement to the beat is also a good sign. So, be sure to have a good collection of music and experiment.


So, where to find the music?

Downloading is the best way to get the latest tracks. Everything is available online! However, if you have a good local DJ shop or music store, go, buy records and CD’s, support it, because they’re becoming fewer and farther between these days. When I really began to seriously get into DJ music, I was at the local music store on a daily basis, listening and buying something new almost every day. One advantage to buying vinyl is that sometimes tracks will be released just a little bit earlier at Juno, so you’d have the jump on the freshest music. However, there are some really great sites for music on the web and the amount of DJ music available online today has revolutionized dance music and DJing.

My four best sites for music downloading are:

Junodownload and Juno are great sites offering not only all of the latest tracks including the best of cutting edge dance music but also everything you need to be a DJ, downloads, vinyl’s, cd’s & good deals on DJ equipment. Check out Juno for vinyls, cds and DJ equipment and check out Junodownload for the latest music downloads!

Beatport is an easy to use site, a virtual jukebox of dance music and the top tens can give you a good idea of what’s going on in club music at the moment.

Traxsource is for real House fans… soulful, deep, funky… this is the place.

iTunes for everything under the sun; Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, House, Downtempo…. everything!


Ok, so now you have some music that you love, what’s next?

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