Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus High Performance DJ Mixer

Pioneer’s new DJM-900 Nexus has hit the DJ scene with exciting new features raising the bar of club standard DJ mixers by giving DJ’s greater creative freedom and increased connectivity to enhance every performance.


The Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus high performance DJ mixer improvements include increased sound quality, an abundance of new effects, the new ‘X-Pad’ touch screen control bar, as well as increased computer connectivity and Traktor functionality. Paired with Pioneer’s newest line of CDJ’s including the CDJ-900 and CDJ-2000, DJ’s now have the most up-to-date technology at their fingertips to entertain at their utmost potential.

Check out this video to see and hear how James Zabiela unleashes his sounds with the DJM-900

New X-Pad Touch Screen Control and Effects

It’s easy to put your own unique spin on the music you play with the all of the cool new features and effects the DJM-900 Nexus has to offer. The X-Pad is a new touch screen control bar in the beat effects section of the mixer giving you a quick and easy way to alter the beat effects with just a touch, a slide or a swipe. Great new sounding Sound Color FX have been added including Dub Echo, Space and Gate/Comp in addition to Filter, Crush and Noise for its Sound Color FX. There are some great new Beat Effects, Spiral and Melodic, making a total of 13 effects controlled by the knob on the right side of the mixer.


Feature Rich

The DJM-900 Nexus is the newest top of the line DJ Mixer giving DJ’s everything they need and more to create exceptional performances.

  • High performance channel faders – Longevity and smooth operation are increased with a slide mechanism that supports the fader knobs with two metal shafts. The new mechanism’s design protects the mixer’s performance capabilities of moisture or dust particles.
  • Integrated input selector – Enables DJ’s to switch all channel inputs simultaneously.
  • Indicators – The DJM-900 Nexus is equipped with a USB connection indicator to display the status of sound card and Mac or PC communications as well as a USB audio input indicator to display audio inputs from a Mac or PC.
  • Industry’s First MIDI Signal Output – The DJM-900 Nexus features the industry’s first musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) signal output that changes at beat-by-beat intervals. The mixer also includes a “MIDI LFO function” to control external devices such as effecters.
  • Assignable MIDI Functionality – Most all buttons and knobs can be assigned to control other devices. The DJM-900 can also be used as a MIDI controller.
  • Switching 3-Band EQ/Isolator – Each channel of the mixer is equipped with a switchable 3-band EQ (+6dB to -26dB) and 3-band Isolator (+6dB to -?dB).
  • P-LOCK Fader Cap – Secures the fader channel and crossfader caps locked preventing them from slipping off during use.
  • Auto Standby – Automatically senses active operation and input signals and switches to standby mode when input signals are not detected for a long period of time.

Exceptional Sound Quality

The Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus is designed for optimal functionality with superb sound quality. Only the highest quality components ensure the very best possible audio output. The Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus features a built-in 24bit/96kHz High Performance USB Sound card. Through a single USB port, an onboard USB sound card simultaneously handles the input and output audio signals from up to four stereo sources. With no degradation of sound quality, the sound card supports 24-bit/96kHz high resolution signal processing, and can input and output all audio signals. When connected to a Mac or PC, the settings utility tool is used to customize the output signal path to suit various purposes, including DJ play, song recording or production. Easily accessible USB ports on the top surface of the mixer ensure smooth transfers between DJs. The superb sound quality design contains the same audio input and output circuits as Pioneer’s top-of-the-line DJM-2000 to achieving the most accurate audio reproduction. The 32-bit digital to analog converter supports all outputs of the mixer, including the master audio outputs, booth outputs and headphones. Digital and analog circuit noise is suppressed by way of high quality balanced hybrid operation amps and full balanced output circuits in the high performance 32-bit processor.


Simple Connection to Mac – PC – Traktor

With more and more DJ’s using computers for performances, the new DJM-900 connects directly to your Mac or PC laptop and offers additional compatibility with Traktor.

  • PRO DJ LINK – The mixer can quickly link to the latest Pioneer PRO DJ LINK compatible CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900 players or a personal computer running Pioneer’s rekordbox software via ethernet, giving users quick access to a tracks beats per minute (BPM) and beat location information, producing accurate and precise beat matching capabilities. Effects are also matched perfectly utilizing the built-in quantize mode that compensates for Beat Effect operation timing errors automatically.
  • TRAKTOR Functionality – The four decks inside TRAKTOR can be connected simultaneously to the mixer, enabling enhanced flexibility with the software via USB connection to a PC or Mac. The DJM-900 is also TRAKTOR SCRATCH certified for TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO / DUO 2 (version 2.0 or higher), allowing scratch control functionality when using a time code disc.
  • Time Code Output – The mixer can output time code disc signals through the USB port, for DVS (Digital Vinyl System) software when used with Pioneer CDJ players or analog record players.


The new Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus is the newest DJ mixer currently setting the industry standard for high performance and top quality sound.


In the past few years we have seen amazing developments in DJ Gear. With an increasing amount of high quality DJ computer solutions, Pioneer has done an excellent job not only keeping up with the tools DJ’s want to utilize in their performances but are proving to be extremely innovative finding excellent ways to integrate all aspects of DJing into into their DJ equipment. The DJM-900 Nexus is another step forward and has taken computer integration and compatibility to a new level. Adding new features like the X-Pad touch control bar and new effects increases our ability as DJ’s to give the dance floor our best performance while having the most fun possible for everyone in the groove.

If you’re a DJ, of course you’re already drooling over the DJM-900. If you’re a club owner, upgrade now! I cannot impress upon you enough the importance of having the best quality gear for your DJ’s to perform on. DJ’s will be more creative, have more fun, sound better and ultimately do a better job entertaining your paying customers.

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  1. Mixed a few last night with the 900 Nexus. Wicked Mixer! Love the new effects and the touchstrip!!!! Can’t wait to get on it again!

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