Best DJ Mixers

The Best DJ Mixers are the DJ Mixers that produce high quality sound, can create seamless mixes, are intuitive to use, and encourage DJs to perform to their maximum creative potential.

Pioneer DJM-900 Set

Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus DJ Mixer with two Pioneer CDJ-900’s

A DJ Mixer is one of the most important elements of DJing for mixing tracks and sounds together to create DJ sets, mixes and performances. The most popular DJ Mixers are two-channel DJ Mixers for beginners or scratch mixing and four-channel DJ mixers for clubs and advanced mixing with multiple audio sources.

The DJ Mixer is connected and used to mix between various audio sources like CDJ/CD Players, Vinyl Turntables, Laptops, MP3 players and even keyboards or other live performance instruments.

Pioneer CDJ-350Technics-SL 1200MK2 TurntableMacBookNovation SL MkII


Before I get into the Best DJ Mixers, there’s also a good chance that some of you may also be looking for the Best DJ Controllers. DJ Controllers are also a DJ Mixer that works together with a laptop and a DJ program like Traktor, Serato of Virtual DJ.


DJ Controllers

One of the best DJ Controllers and a DJ Controller that I personally recommend for all DJ’s from Beginner to Pro is the Traktor Kontrol S2.

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2

Traktor Kontrol S2

For more about the Best DJ Controllers and the Traktor Kontrol S2 and S4, click to see my article about the Best DJ Controllers on this site or click to see the Traktor Kontrol S2 at: or

***There has been a massive price drop on the Traktor Kontrol S2. I received an email from Native Instruments verifying that this is for real and that it will be for a limited time only. Check it out at and!***


Best Budget DJ Controller

Numark MIXTRACK PRO DJ Controller


If you’re looking for the best budget DJ Controller to get started with, The Numark MIXTRACK PRO is a very popular choice.

Click to see the Numark MIXTRACK PRO at: or or see it here: Best DJ Controllers


DJ Controller / DJ Mixer ‘Hybrids’

Denon DN-MC6000 Mixer and MIDI Controller

There are also DJ Controller / DJ Mixer ‘Hybrids’ like the Denon DN-MC6000 Mixer and MIDI Controller. With the DN-MC6000 you can mix with the DJ software on your laptop or between external decks like CDJ’s and Vinyl turntables.


This is an excellent 4 Channel DJ Controller/Mixer for those that want to be connected to multiple sources at once (up to eight); DJ software, CDJ’s and/or Vinyl Turntables. The Denon DN-MC6000 can also be used as a stand-alone DJ Mixer without being connected to a computer.

Click to see the Denon DN-MC6000 Mixer and MIDI Controller at: or


Allen & Heath Xone:4D Universal DJ Controller

I just had to mention the Xone:4D. This thing is awesome and is used by some of the worlds top DJ’s. It can be used as both a DJ/Midi Controller and a DJ Mixer. Computers, vinyl turntables, CDJ’s – connect them all and control your sound with the Xone:4D.

Allen & Heath Xone:4D

Here’s a cool video of Deadmau5 playing around with the Xone:4D’s predecessor, the Xone:3D: Deadmau5 vs. Xone 3D


  • 20 Channel USB interface
  • 4 Multi-input stereo channels
  • 3 Band EQ on all channels
  • 2 FX sends, FX1 with pre/post selection
  • 2 analogue VCF filters – low, band & high-pass, resonance, frequency and ‘on’ switch

Midi features:

  • 227 mappable MIDI messages with shift mode for double layer
  • Compatible with any computer software that has MIDI assignable functions
  • 105 MIDI controls, including dedicated MIDI sections containing:
  • 8x60mm linear faders
  • 16 detented rotary pots
  • 10 rotary encoders
  • 50 switches
  • 2 jog wheels
  • 8 illuminated push switches

Click to see the Allen & Heath Xone:4D at: or


Two Channel DJ Mixers

Denon DN-X600 Professional 2-Channel Digital Mixer

To give Denon their due as they make very high quality products and because I like this video let’s start off with the DN-X600 Professional 2-Ch Digital Mixer.

Fatboy Slim – Dubstep Remix (JFB vs Switch)

Rock-On guys! Unique Rooftop performance of Fatboy Slim’s “Right Here Right Now” – Remixed by DMC Champ’s JFB and DJ Switch, courtesy of Denon DJ

The Denon DN-X600 is the latest and greatest in DJ Mixer technology, it’s packed full of effects and filters, a built-in soundcard, USB Midi Interface and packs a wallop of high quality sound.


  • 2-Channel Digital Mixer
  • USB Midi Interface
  • Internal 24-bit/96kHz 8in / 8 out soundcard with DVS routing
  • 8 Onboard Effects
  • 2-Way Filter
  • Matrix Input Selector
  • Flex Cross Fader

Click to see the Denon DN-X600 at: or

For a 4-Channel Denon DJ Mixer check out the Denon DN-X1600 4-Channel Digital DJ Mixer at : or

Or you can also have a look at Denon’s budget option here: DJ Equipment, Beginner CDJ-Mixer DJ Set-Up


Pioneer DJM-250 DJ Mixer

Without breaking the bank, the Pioneer DJM-250 delivers the goods with professional features usually found only on high-end mixers. Even though the DJM-250 comes in at an affordable price you can rest assured that the sound is Pioneer club-standard quality.

Each channel has the DJ’s favorite effect with it’s own sound color filter knob. Seeing this video and seeing the DJ twisting the knob with a grin reminds of a club owner in Bali who stands behind the console with the DJ all night playing with the filter… by the way, I love that guy.

Pioneer DJM 250


  • 2-Channel Digital Mixer
  • Two Independent sound color filters
  • Eight inputs for maximum connectivity
  • XLR balanced outputs ensure high-quality sound
  • 48 kHz/24-bit full digital processing
  • Cross Fader Curve Adjust function

Click to see: Pioneer DJM-250-K (Black/Silver) DJ Mixer at


Click to see: Pioneer DJM-250-W (White/Silver) DJ Mixer at

Click to see: Silver Pioneer CDJ-350-S at


Pioneer DJM-350 2-Channel Performance DJ Mixer



For a high quality two-channel DJ mixer with Pioneer’s high standard of sound and FX the Pioneer DJM-350 is a great choice. You can record your mixes directly onto a USB stick and it has an isolator 3-band equalizer on each channel. The DJM-350 is available in black and white.

Click to see the Pioneer DJM-350 Black at:

Click to see the Pioneer DJM-350 White at:


Allen & Heath Xone:22 Professional 2 Channel DJ Mixer

The Allen & Heath Xone:22 Professional 2 Channel DJ Mixer is an excellent top quality entry-level mixer. Plus, it’s the most affordable DJ mixer at this level of quality.

All of the same components are used on the Xone:22 as are used on Allen & Heath’s high-end DJ mixers and it features the legendary Xone VCF filters.



  • Two Stereo Channels
  • Three-band full-cut EQ
  • Balanced XLR output for ultimate audio quality
  • 25dBu maximum output level
  • Crossfader curve adjust switch

Click to see the Allen & Heath Xone:22 at: or


Allen & Heath Xone:32

A three-channel DJ mixer is also a really good idea these days. You can have two CDJs connected and on the third channel plug in your laptop, a Vinyl turntable or a third CDJ. Personally, I have a four-channel mixer, the Pioneer DJM-800, but really I mostly only use three channels for two CDJ’s and my laptop.


Click to see the Allen & Heath Xone:32 at: or


Best 4 Channel Club Standard DJ Mixers

Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus High Performance DJ Mixer

This is the latest and greatest Professional Club Standard DJ Mixer from Pioneer and it’s a beauty. I had the pleasure of mixing with the DJM-900 Nexus a couple weeks ago and loved it. The one new feature that was really fun to play around with was the new X-Pad touch screen control bar to manipulate the effects.

DJM-900 Nexus Official Introduction with James Zabiela

The DJM-900 Nexus has a total of 13 effects including new Sound Color effects Dub Echo and Space and new Beat Effects Spiral and Melodic. The sound quality of the DJM-900 Nexus is exceptional and it’s Traktor Scratch Certified. For more about the DJM-900 Nexus, you may want to click to see my post: Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus High Performance DJ Mixer



  • Professional ‘Club Standard’ four channel mixer
  • 13 total effects including 3 new sound Color Effects and 2 new Beat Effects
  • New X-Pad touch strip control for manipulating effects
  • All channels have 3 Band EQ
  • Exception sound quality featuring a built-in 24bit/96kHz high performance soundcard
  • Connect up to 4 CDJ-2000/900s or rekordbox software with the Pro DJ Link
  • USB connection for DVS software
  • Traktor Scratch Certified

Click to see the Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus at: or


Allen & Heath Xone:42 Professional 4 Channel Club/DJ Mixer

The Allen & Heath Xone:42 is an excellent option for those that are looking for a full-featured, digital ready, pro quality, four-channel DJ mixer at about half the cost of the DJM-900. What you won’t get is the multitude of effects but what you will get is a high quality DJ mixer with features like the Xone VCF filter system, USB for DVS connection and wet/dry controls for each channel.



  • Four channel professional quality DJ mixer
  • All channels with 3 band EQ
  • Control external FX with Rotary X-FX Control
  • VCF filter system with resonance & frequency controls
  • USB connectivity

Click to see the Allen & Heath Xone:42 at: or


Allen & Heath Xone:DB4 Digital Effects Mixer

Dubfire Interview – TimeWarp 2011 + Xone:DB4

The Xone:DB4 is a breakthrough DJ mixer offering loads of opportunities for creativity as a DJ. This is the one mixer that has been breaking into the top clubs where Pioneer has previously reigned supreme. Loops, effects, laptop connections, it’s all there and with amazing sound quality. The Xone:DB4 has been named ‘Ultimate Club Mixer’ by DJ Mag’s Tech awards 2011.



  • Quad FX Core enabling each channel to have its own FX bank and BPM analyzer
  • Each channel has its own built-in looper
  • Xone dual filter system
  • 3-band EQ on each channel can be configured as filter system
  • Built-in high quality 24-bit / 96kHz USB2 soundcard
  • Mixer can double up as a MIDI controller

Click to see the Allen & Heath Xone:DB4 at: or


Pioneer DJM-2000 Professional DJ Mixer


What’s really cool about the Pioneer DJM-2000 is the 5.8 inch multi-touch touchscreen full-color display. I could go on and on about how great the DJM-2000 is but you’re really better off just checking out this very well done video.

DJM-2000: Introduction


  • Innovative 5.8 inch full color multi-touch display
  • USB audio interface
  • Pro DJ link that connects up to four CDJ-2000 or CDJ-900s
  • Evolved Beat Effects
  • Instant Instrument FX
  • MIDI assignable controls

Click to see the Pioneer DJM-2000 at: or


Best Scratch DJ Mixers

For the best Scratch DJ Mixers check out the Pioneer DJM-909 and the Rane TTM 57SL DJ Mixers.

Pioneer DJM-909 2 Channel Touch-Screen Scratch Mixer


Here’s an awesome video of DJ Craze rocking Traktor, Maschine and the Pioneer DJM-909 Scratch DJ Mixer.

DJ Craze performs on the new Traktor Scratch Pro 2

The Pioneer DJM-909 Professional Scratch DJ Mixer rocks with incredible sound and amazing effects that can be controlled with the touch sensitive screen. You can access 50 beat synced effects with the touch-screen and there is even an optional foot pedal for even more control.

Click to see the Pioneer DJM-909 at: or


Rane TTM 57SL Performance Mixer


Here’s a cool video of DMC World DJ Champion LigOne tearing it up on the Rane TTM 57SL with Serato Scratch Live 2.3.

The Rane TTM 57SL comes with Serato Scratch LIVE Software included and has been made for full integration of hardware and software.

Click to see the Rane TTM 57SL at: or the TTM 56S at:


Rotary DJ Mixer

Rane MP 2016S Rotary Mixer


The Rane MP 2016S Rotary Mixer is the old school DJ Mixer that some of the biggest names in house music like Louie Vega and Frankie Knuckles use to create their smooth and seamless style of mixing magic.

Click to see the Rane MP 2016S Rotary Mixer at: or


Without a Mixer, There is No DJ

DJ mixers are one of the most integral parts of DJing. The DJ Mixer is at the heart of what a DJ does, and no matter what type of DJ you are, there is a DJ Mixer here for you. All of the DJ mixers featured are the best quality DJ mixers available today.

You can get started most affordably with the Allen & Heath Xone:22 or the Pioneer DJM-250.

For mid-range price but high quality sound and performance, I really like the Allen & Heath Xone:42.

For the top of the line Pro Club Mixers, it’s the Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus and the Allen & Heath Xone DB:4 that are hot in the clubs right now.

And for an all-in-one DJ Controller/DJ Mixer solution, the Allen & Heath Xone:4D is just awesome and the Denon DN-MC6000 is pretty cool too.


Cheers & Happy Mixing!


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    • john
    • July 29th, 2012

    great! … i have 1 question… I want to buy a dj system.. but i don’t decide because for example in one side traktor kontrol s4 is a option but in other side the pioneer turn table system is the other option wich do you consider is better.. ? cdj 900

  1. Hi John,

    A set-up of two Pioneer CDJ-900s with a Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus mixer is top quality club standard. Without a doubt that’s a serious system.

    However, the Traktor S4 is one of the best DJ controllers available and you’ll get it for a fraction of the cost. Plus a DJ controller is more portable, the S4 is a little large to throw into a backpack but the Traktor S2 will fit right it.

    So the main points are that a DJ controller costs less, is more portable and will work seamlessly with Traktor Pro software whereas the Pioneer set-up is top quality pro standard, you can play from CD, MP3, USB, laptop but at a price.

    • Tinashe J Chigeza
    • March 30th, 2015

    keep it up guyz bring more sounds.

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